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Introduction to Xiaolongyu Company

Xiaolongyu Education Group was establishes in 1995 by outstanding entrepreneur Lady Xu Zengzeng with the headquarters located in Shanghai. The group has created two educational brands including Xiaolongyu kindergarten and Xiaolongyu community early education in succession through education study and education practice of 22 years and created the group education Industry with preschool education course development, operation and management for 0-6 year’s children as the core business.

Kindergarten and community early education

Xiaolongyu kindergarten is spread in five major central urban areas of Jingan, Huangpu, Hongkou, Putuo and Pudong of Shanghai and created 6 chain Xiaolongyu kindergartens in succession and has won the prize of excellent teaching granted by municipal and district education bureau for many times in many years in succession. Globe Xiaolongyu kindergarten is evaluated as class Ⅰ category Ⅰ kindergarten of Shanghai. Bilingual courses of Xiaolongyu Education are listed as key courses of the Ministry of Education in the “fifteenth planning” of national education science and become the experiment base for Teachers Training and Study for Preschool Bilingual Education. The leading team of national “women’s credit” activity evaluated Xiaolongyu kindergarten as “women civilized post”.

Xiaolongyu community early education is the guide unit for scientific children rearing of Shanghai. As “guide station for scientific children rearing of Shanghai”, Xiaolongyu Yuhau kindergarten is the only private early education place of Shanghai. It represented Jingan District to held Shanghai “Early Education Festival” in 2016.

Education concept and featured courses

  • Lead to good intellectual creativity and future success.
    Education Goals
    Let children become forerunners with creative thoughts.
    Let children live with happiness as well as fine emotions.
    Culture children with creative ability, competitiveness and happiness ability in the future.
  • 4C Education Concept
    Consider initiatively
    Communicate effectively
    Cooperate actively 。

Featured Courses

Provide Happy Day Care courses and Qute kids courses to children aged from 0-6 years old.

Happy Day Care courses provide service to children from 0-3 years oldand focus on children care and provide comfortable growth environment to children. Under the condition that parents cannot handle the children’s annoyance, make the children understand. Open the channel leading to the world. This lays solid foundation for development of children aged from 3-6 years old.

Qute kids courses provide service to children aged from 3-6 years old and are dominated with three major courses of interesting reading, delightful math and playful makers and culture the creativity and happy ability of children to win in the future in a systematic and linkage method.

  • Fun Reading
  • Basic Math
  • Creative Practice

Entrepreneur spirit and social responsibility

Entrepreneurial spirit and Social responsibility

As an entrepreneur, Lady Xu Zengzeng, the President of Xiaolongyu Group, assumes as the deputy to the fourteenth People's Congress of Shanghai at present, and ever assumed as the deputy to the twelfth and thirteenth People's Congress of Shanghai, standing member of Shanghai Women's Federation and ever won the title of the Star of the Charity of Shanghai and Woman Pace-setter of Shanghai and other titles. She worked at Shanghai First Grade Kindergarten in 1980s of last century. The five year’s career of a teacher created an indissoluble bound between her and children. Although she left the platform, she always pays attention to the growth environment of preschool children.

Lady Xu Zengzeng inputs energetically to support development of preschool education with the feelings of an entrepreneur to run schools and leads the team to create gold-lettered signboard of Shanghai preschool education. She makes response to proposal of Shanghai Education Commission to provide excellent preschool education resources to community.

From 2017, she undertook Shanghai municipal implementation project---community kindergartens and was highly affirmed by Shanghai Women's Federation and loved by parents deeply. At the same time, cooperation and service with large central enterprises is made at the same time to provide all-around construction and service to famous central enterprises.